Chanakya Institute proudly announces Telugu learning programs, two levels of spoken Telugu programs, Bhagavatham classes for kids, Sanskrit classes for kids and adults, a leadership program (Agragami for kids over 13 and Little Yodhas for kids under 13, a Kuchipudi program (Alankruta), a Music program (Sumadhuram) and quarterly Stotra classes.

The Concept

Our Telugu programs are designed based on the concepts of Kavya Shastra. The great authors like Bhamaha, Vamana, Dandi, Rajasekhara, and Mammata explained Kavi, Kavyam, and Kavyalankaram.

Our Telugu classes are designed based on the factors discussed in Kavya Shastra to make every kid proficient and well equipped to use the Telugu language efficiently.

తల్లి ఒడి మొదటి బడి అన్నారు పెద్దలు.

Mother is considered as the first teacher according to our culture. Learning begins before birth. While in womb, babies begin learning language from their mothers. It is through this process of listening and speaking, a child learns the nuances of a language. Similarly, Sambhashana is focused on teaching kids Telugu through speaking, identification, visual representation and singing. They will be able to identify and pronounce the letters, sing songs/padhyalu, learn Telugu months, tell stories and learn lot of other things through Telugu oriented activities


It’s the poetic genius that is God given and inherent. Pratibha is as much present in the Poet as it is present in us all. And Telugu kids, though they are born and brought up in non Telugu lands, certainly possess this inherent quality of Telugu skill. We, at Chanakya strive to bring out this quality of Telugu fluency from every child. We make them to realize their potential. We make them to use Telugu language in every day conversations as well as making them familiar with the Telugu letters. We teach them Telugu stories so that they connect to their cultural roots.


According to Kavya Shastra, Vyutpatti is proficiency (Pandityam) following upon a study of the different branches of learning and a close observation of the world. Thus Vyutpatti is the learning. Here in Chanakya we teach grammar, usage, vocabulary, idioms that are called Palukubadulu, Jateeyalu, Sametalu in Telugu. The knowledge of language makes them confident to articulate complex thoughts. We at Chanakya teach Telugu language proficiency to make them confident both in speaking and writing Telugu with ease.


According to Mammata, Abhyasa is the practice of poetry under the guidance of Poets and Poetic critics. Here in Chanakya, Abhyasa is the practice of language under the guidance of skilled teachers. Abhyasam is practice in the best way. We at Chanakya guide and tutor the student to the best practices of Telugu Samskruthi and Telugudanam.


An advanced level where students learn to appreciate Telugu literature, comprehend classic and modern poets. Not only will they be able Speak in the language with fluency and with confidence but will also be introduced to chandassu. They will be able to write complex thoughts in lucid Telugu.