Courses - Adhyayana


Chanakya Institute proudly announces six levels of Written Telugu learning programs, two levels of spoken Telugu programs, Bhagavatham classes for kids, Sanskrit classes for kids and adults, a leadership program (Agragami for kids over 13 and Little Yodhas for kids under 13, a Kuchipudi program (Alankruta), a Music program (Sumadhuram) and quarterly Stotra classes.

The Concept

Our Telugu programs are designed based on the concepts of Kavya Shastra. The great authors like Bhamaha, Vamana, Dandi, Rajasekhara, and Mammata explained Kavi, Kavyam, and Kavyalankaram.

Our Telugu classes are designed based on the factors discussed in Kavya Shastra to make every kid proficient and well equipped to use the Telugu language efficiently.


An advanced level where students learn to appreciate Telugu literature, comprehend classic and modern poets. Not only will they be able Speak in the language with fluency and with confidence but will also be introduced to chandassu. They will be able to write complex thoughts in lucid Telugu.

Pre Requisite Pre Requisite Completed Abhyasa or pass an equivalent test- Ability to read and write simple Telugue.



  • Understand the grammar and able to write complex Telugu sentences.
  • Able to write freely their own sentences.


  • Able to read good stories and great poetry.


  • Able to converse fluently and creatively in Telugu.


  • Attendance
  • 100% homework
  • 70% test score

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