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As per Valmiki Muni’s direction, the great itihasa of Ramayana starts with Lava and Kusha arriving at the Sabha of Rama and singing the Ramayana, filled with with glories of Rama, the valor of Hanuman and the grace of Sita Matha. We Bharateeyas are the Children of Bhagavan Ram and Sita Matha. Please ENCOURAGE your children to be the modern Lava and Kusha.

Our LEARNED GURUs are here to teach your children the Samkshepa Ramayana, the first 100 Slokas written by Rishi Valmiki as recited by Narada Muni.

The Samkshepa Ramayana inspired Valmiki to write the entire Itihasa and hence Phala Stutis praise that reciting the Samkshepa Ramayana is considered as the recitation of the entire Itihasa. In our Sri Rama Yagnam, we want kids to participate in giving their Shraddha and Bhakti as Ahuti to Bhagavan Rama and Sita Matha while reciting as Mantravrutti, the Samkshepa Ramayana from their memory.

Slokas and morals of Ramayana help kids to have happy, peaceful, and fulfilling lives Enrollment of your kid sponsors those kids in India who are eager to learn but cannot afford to. For as little as $ 1.25/day you can sponsor 5 indigent kids in India learn Ramayana and provide them meals.

Course Duration:

The course duration is for 4 months. Classes will be held on weekends during the academic school year and will be held four times a week during summer break. Classes will be held as per local time zones and holiday schedules.

The Competition:

After the successful completion of the course, the kids will enroll themselves to the Ramayana competition. Chanakya announces the following prize money for the best recitations –

  • 1st Prize – $ 500
  • 2nd Prize – $ 250
  • 3rd Prize – $ 100
  • Special Prizes –Upto $ 150

  • This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your kids to participate in a worldwide competition like this with elite judges, and participants from all over the world! We will keep you posted on further details of the competition before the end of the course.

    For any questions email us your name, phone number, class you are interested to