Courses - Pratibha (ప్రతిభ)


Chanakya Institute proudly announces six levels of Written Telugu learning programs, two levels of spoken Telugu programs, Bhagavatham classes for kids, Sanskrit classes for kids and adults, a leadership program (Agragami for kids over 13 and Little Yodhas for kids under 13, a Kuchipudi program (Alankruta), a Music program (Sumadhuram) and quarterly Stotra classes.

The Concept

Our Telugu programs are designed based on the concepts of Kavya Shastra. The great authors like Bhamaha, Vamana, Dandi, Rajasekhara, and Mammata explained Kavi, Kavyam, and Kavyalankaram.

Our Telugu classes are designed based on the factors discussed in Kavya Shastra to make every kid proficient and well equipped to use the Telugu language efficiently.

Pratibha (ప్రతిభ)

Pratibha is an inherent quality of Poetic genius that is as much present in the Poet as it is present in us all. Telugu kids who are born and brought up in non-Telugu speaking countries also certainly possess this Pratibha. We, at Chanakya, strive to bring out this quality through teaching the Telugu language. We make kids realize their true potential by making them use Telugu in everyday conversations as well as make them familiar with the Telugu letters and improve their language fluency. We teach them Telugu stories so that they connect to their cultural roots.

Pre Requisite

  • Minimum Age 5 years
  • Completed Sambhashana course or pass a test of equivalent level

Objectives: Listening and memorization are the two pillars of our teaching principles. In this class, we focus on teaching the language by introducing letters, learn how to pronounce mahapranas and achulu and other hallulu. Their learning comprises of writing, reading, enacting through small skits. In this process, they will get comfortable with the language. They will start enjoying and experimenting with words and new vocabulary.


  • Attendance
  • 100% homework
  • 70% test score

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