“A great song not just amuses humans but every living creature in the nature”
“There is a singer in all of us. All it requires is to trace it and train it”

A soulful song has an immediate appeal to a plethora of audience. No wonder singing is a boon, which can be perfected with relentless practice. Sumadhuram- Becomes such threshold for all those who wish to sing. Be it the melodious songs of light music or be it the grandiose of Annamayya songs. It is a mixed bag of semi-classical and classical singing. These music lessons work great for all beginners, and for those who seek to add to their learning. In short, it is a unique opportunity to learn singing right from where you are!

Why should your child learn to sing?

Like many art forms, singing establishes discipline, enhances tolerance and above all gives a sense of appreciation towards the same art. These are the virtues that walk all life.

When and where ?


What do you learn?

Songs of great ancient poets -Annamayya, Tyagaraju, Ramadasu;
Modern poets -Krishna Sasthri, C. Narayanareddy, PalagummiVishwanatham to name a few.

What is the take away?

By the end of each year, the student should be able to learn around 10 songs, which they can sing on any given stage. Not only that..student will also learn to pronounce complex words while understanding the meaning.

Class fee?

For class fee, timings and any other enquiries please email or call the teacher at the below given number.

Any private lessons?

If there is a need and demand, with a different fee structure.

Now a little about the teacher..

Sheshi Donepudi does not call herself a teacher but a learner while teaching.

After singing folk and light music on various platforms, her passion landed her (while was a mother of two), learn Carnatic vocal music from Smt. Peyyeti Gowri Kanthi Lathagaru. ‘music is a lifelong learning process’proclaims Sheshi.

Having teaching as a career before, she is extremely sensitive towardss children’s enthusiastic learning.
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