Chanakya Institute is proud to announce their leadership programs catered to the young minds namely “ Agragami”- kids over 13 and “ Little Yodhas”- Kids under 13

The Concept

India is the land of knowledge. We take ancient Indian wisdom and principles, and we are designing a unique leadership program. This program incorporates stories from Indian History blended with Chanakya Neeti, Vidura Neeti, Bhatruhari Subhashitas, and stories from Upanishads, and many more. We help a child to stay balanced and face the world with ease.

MA custom course designed for kids over 13 to combat everyday challenges while showing them how to grow up to be strong individuals. The course is specifically designed to combat modern day challenges with ancient teachings.


Your own custom program specially curated for the young minds by identifying individual goals. The program and the content are specially based on the characteristics of the students while working with them on their strengths and weakness.